Welcome to the The Demonic Series WikiaEdit

Welcome to The Demonic Series wiki. Learn everything about The Demonic Series. From the characters, to the paranormal species that roam this earth. Even learn interesting facts such as the color of the opal gems, and get sneak speaks at coming books and more.

Meet the Characters Edit

Enjoy meeting all of the characters from The Demonic Series. The characters include the Amari, the covens, the nomads, the witches, the humans, and the shape shifters. Enjoy meeting every single one of them one on one. More characters will appear with time.

Sneak Peaks Edit

Enjoy reading sneak peaks of the books, plots, and more. Each sneak peak is one of its own, so enjoy them.

Special Details Edit

Enjoy going through the stories, characters, and other information to learn special details. Other special details will include outfits, rings, and more. Enjoy all of it at your leisure.

Latest activityEdit

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